Can you fit a Hydrotherapy system to my existing bath?

The Ei-Giene Air spa system can be fitted to your existing bath normally without removing the bath. The jets are positioned in the bottom of the bath.

A Whirlpool system has the jets positioned in the side of the bath therefor in most cases the bath will need to be removed to fit this type of system. 

What is the difference between a spa bath and a whirlpool bath?

Spa Bath

Air is blown through holes (air jets) in the bottom of the bath creating the appearance of boiling water. When the body is submerged in the air bubbling turbulence, an all over massage is given, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Ei Giene air spa systems do not circulate the water they are clean and do not require monthly sterilization .

Whirlpool Bath

Water is drawn from the bath through a suction grille and forced back into the bath, normally through 6 or more whirlpool jets. The jets are positioned in the side wall of the bath. Air can be drawn into the jet stream by a venturi control to create a forceful invigorating massage. Alternatively, air can be forced into the water jet stream using an air blower – this gives the term turbo whirlpool. The jet stream can be adjusted to localize the massage on the required part of the body via the eye ball movement in the jet..  

What are the electrical requirements for a spa / whirlpool?

Fitting a new spa or whirlpool bath requires electricity 240 volt /13amp supplied to the underside of the bath.  A safety circuit breaker (RCCD ) will be required. These requirements must be installed by a qualified electrician and installed to the current Electrical regulations.