Caring for your bath

Whirlpools should be cleaned & sanitised regularly to help remove the build up of bath deposits and  dirt, also to help minimise the growth of bacteria – even if the system isn’t used very often!

“Ei-Giene” ® Whirlpools and Spa Cleaner is a superior grade whirlpool system cleaner with a lemon  fresh smell,  ideal for use in all types of whirlpool and spa systems, domestic or commercial. The cleaning solution contains special antibacterial agents used to kill bacteria. The cleaner is mild, non-aggressive and pleasant to use, ideal for removing oil and skin deposits from within the hidden areas of a typical whirlpool and spa system.
“Ei-Giene” ® is a registered trademark.
Use every 4 to 5 weeks. Fill the bath with warm water or use the bath water after bathing, pour 100ml into the bath water, switching the system on with air control turned off or at a minimum. After 10 minutes empty the bath and refill with cold water, run again for a few minutes to flush the system.
Keep the lid tightly closed and away from children. Store in a cool place – away from heat sources. Avoid contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin. Wash with clean water